Creative Pathways?

Creative partnerships 1
What I get out will only be multiplied by what I can put in.

A Hot House style course designed to bring sustainable practice – my interpretation from enrollment on the 10th of November.­

Why am I doing this course?
The question posed to me;
I am not sure
I have a definitive answer.
My head is a fog of,
A primary boy
A teenage girl,
Existing business commitments
And home refurbishments
(cold hard shell to cosy – eventually!).
Yet I find myself starting something new.
I do know I need a creative outlet,
I need to earn money to be able to do it and
Need something that is me
I may disappear completely.
So far…8 creatives –
A student,
3 painters, a
Jeweller and
A textile artist,
A sculptor
And me, a ceramicist;

17th November, the first session – there was a lot on offer last night but perhaps I should lower my personal expectations?  What I get out will only be multiplied by what I can put in.

Sarah Dixon began module 1: Being a Practicing Artist - Exhibiting, Finance and Marketing. I am not ready for this stuff. Most of the group are already trading, for a number of years in some cases, but probably best I don’t dwell on that for too long; I will have to suck it up and retain it all for future reference.  Some links given out that might be useful to you too…

Looking forward to next time (8th December) – Approaching Galleries, Pricing Work, Trade Shows and Transporting Work.

Written by Amanda Cornelius