I love lists!

I’m off to be creative! Please do not disturb.

How am I managing an evening course and being creative, alongside my other commitments?

We all have dreams about focusing all of our efforts on our creativity, but rarely is this truly achievable.  Day jobs, family commitments and making money, alongside a whole host of other time consumers  like cleaning, shopping and the normal rush of busy lives, means that we have to try and make them all work together.   It takes a special kind of artistic person, one who is probably quite selfish, to commit all of their daily time to art and forget everyone else and everything that is in their lives.  I am not one of these people, so how can I make this work?

I love lists!  I couldn’t exist without them, although I’ve tried.  Quite often my lists end up like this:

                Buy milk - tick

                Clean house – sort of tick

                Procrastinate – my biggest enemy

                Lose my creative impulse

                Try to be creative - hard after you’ve lost your impulse

So you can see, being creative quite often ends up at the bottom of my list, when I’m tired and my mind is drained from other things, so I need to learn how I can move being creative nearer to the top, not just of my to-do list, but of my life too and make this work alongside my other commitments.  As Vincent Van Gogh said, “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together” and so I will follow his lead and try this to manage not just my evening course, but my creative pathway too, by a few, hopefully achievable, steps.

Here is my list on how I am going to achieve this: 

Be creative – This is now at the top.  Just changing around my daily habits, so I do my creative work first will definitely help.  Even if I just manage to block out 30 minutes a day this is better than nothing at all and I will feel happier.  Just switching my priorities around and being creative first means I will feel happier doing the other chores later.

Turn the TV off – Getting off facebook and the internet too, just for a little while, will give me more time.  It’s so easy to be continually searching for that next great idea when I already have these in my head and my sketchbook. 

Be selfish and learn to say no – Although it’s not in my nature to be like this, just by being a little bit selfish and saying no to some things, even if just once in a while, will give me more time to focus on what I want to achieve.

Delegating – A few daily tasks given to others will make my to-do list just a little bit shorter.

Focussing on where I want my creativity to go - The Creative Pathway course is really helping me with this and it is making me think about my work and how I can concentrate on what I want to achieve.   

Setting clear goals -  It is true that I cannot live without my lists, but I need to learn to stop trying to tick them all off in one day, so setting some clear goals with dates, prioritising these and sticking to them will help me to focus too.

So, whilst others are helping me with my daily mundane tasks, I’m off to be creative!  Please do not disturb.

Written by Susan Sutton