Making the most your creativity

We’re born to create but you do have to pursue it, nurture it and take action.

I’m a professional fine artist, specializing in the universally loved animal, the cow.  I’ve been trading as an artist entrepreneur for 4 years and I joined the Creative Pathway course to share ideas, make quality connections and create new opportunities for my art business. To make the most of this course I have committed to actions that create momentum; here I share my top 3 personal actions and some resource inspiration for you too:

1) Commit to your vision

People get hung up on fear, mistakes, the opinions of others and worry about the "how" to make it happen.  We’re born to create but you do have to pursue it, nurture it and take action.  Make it easier to do by mapping out a game plan, identifying a team that supports you (friends and family) and a mentor that moves you forward with challenges and nudges in the right direction.   Re motivated by session 1 of the creative pathway course I purchased the Daily Greatness Business planner, a logical set of templates to take your dream into actionable steps day by day, bit by bit.

Resource recommendation: The daily greatness business planner - an actionable plan

2) Tell good stories

Inspired by my fellow students on the Creative Pathway course, I committed to learning how to share my stories in lots of different ways.  The social media revolution has given everyone an opportunity to use his or her voice but it can get overwhelming.   I am now starting to craft my language and method of communication for the 3 main social media platforms that are vital to my art and business.

Resource recommendation: Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook - How to tell your story in a noisy social world by social media expert Gary Vaynerchuk

3) RRR – reflect, review, regularly

Before I was a full –time artist I thoroughly enjoyed a ten year career with The Princes Trust, working with hundreds of business mentors together we supported thousands of young people to set-up their own business.  I went on to work for The Royal Mencap Society leading a national strategy that introduced 12,000 volunteers to the lives of people with a learning disability and then on to complete a directorship with the children’s literacy charity Beanstalk helping young people to read.  Helping others is very important to me.  It sounds silly, but I didn’t realize this as I enrolled for the creative pathway course, but I’m being reminded that I miss the connection with others and being part of supporting them to realize their own potential.  I’m going to use this experience to further explore the possibilities and weave this into my business planning for 2016.

Resource recommendation: The Firestarter Sessions by Danielle La Porte

Written by Sam Morris