Work Experience - Why Bother? Fears And Excitement ...

Doing work experience as an adult rather than a school student might seem a little daunting at first

Work experience is any experience that a person gains while working in a specific field or occupation, but the expression is widely used to mean a type of volunteer work that is commonly intended for young people — often students — to get a feel for professional working environments.

As part of the Creative Pathways course we all get the chance to have some work experience with NBAartists/creators.  I thought that working with some of the artists and teachers on education workshops would be particularly valuable.  (I also hope to work with a community artist at a later date).

The prospect of doing work experience as an adult rather than a school student might seem a little daunting at first:

-                 what are the expectations?

-                 how is this experience going to be different? 

However, I see it as an exciting prospect – it’s great to be given the opportunity to work with other artists and ideally it will be a two way experience, where we are able to share and exchange ideas.

Getting organised -


Today I joined Hannah Ellis on her lovely half term workshops for children, one which was mosaic making and the other printing.  I had a great day with her and the children and enjoyed joining in with the teaching.  Hannah was lively and enthusiastic and the children produced some really beautiful work.  We were able to have some valuable discussions about art education and our own practice which was all very useful.


I joined Tracey Elphick in her studio this afternoon, observing her working and talking with her about her art practice.  She had a few visitors while I was there and it was good to see her interacting with the public too.

Following this I joined a life class with Mark Kelland in the evening which was focusing on expressive drawing.  He was very encouraging with all the students enabling them to create some lively drawings.

So far any initial worries (mostly practical things, such as sorting out times and dates) were minor and I have found the artists I have worked with very welcoming and accommodating, as well as being generous with their time.

I have been able to see what goes on in workshops run by NBA both for adults and children and it has given me an insight into what a great place it is for the whole community.  I have had a really interesting and rewarding time, thank you to NBA and everyone who has facilitated this experience, it has been very positive!

Written by Julia Craig