A course for painters with previous watercolour experience to develop and practise their skills with various exercises.

Designed for the artist to learn the techniques of watercolour by painting a subject. You could say learning through play!



Tutor: Mark Kelland 
Date & Time: Thursday mornings, 10am - 1pm
Venue: Bingham Studio, New Brewery Arts
REF: AC17-16
PRICE: £195.00 (£0.00 VAT)

Suitable for those with previous watercolour experience.

What you will need:
Pencils (HB, 4B, and 6B), Charcoal, Pastels, Erasers

First class:
Thursday 22nd September



Week 1, Masking fluid, wet on wet.

Let the light shine through, an effective way of how to achieve this simple but strong on expression.

Week 2, Boats on water, how to achieve the impossible.

How many times does your boat seem ten feet in the air? Learn how to make them sit comfortably on the water.

Week 3. Ink and watercolour, building perspective.

The chance to find out how to get your building in perspective.

Week 4. Dragging dry brush, still life/flowers.

Flowers bursting with colour.

Week 5. Portrait, pencil and watercolour.

Portraits can be fresh and direct with watercolour learn the basics and you might be surprised by the results.

Week 6. Splattering and splashing. On the Beach.

A bit of splatter, pebbles on the beach, splashing and water.

Week 7. String, card and ragging. In the woods.

It's colourful, expressive movement but not painted with a brush.

Week 8. Arthur Wesson. Winter trees and country cottages.

Explore the artists work and see how you can paint in the style of this English artist.

Week 9. Snowy trees and branches masking fluid and ink drawing.

Discover how to get snow to sit on winter branches.

Week 10. Christmas still life, pencil and watercolour.

Festive fun and mince pies!


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