A course for painters with previous watercolour experience to develop and practise their skills with various exercises.

Designed for the artist to learn the techniques of watercolour by painting a subject. You could say learning through play!



Tutor: Mark Kelland 
Date & Time: Thursday mornings, 10am - 1pm
Venue: Bingham Studio, New Brewery Arts
REF: SC17-17
PRICE: £195.00 (£0.00 VAT)

Suitable for those with previous watercolour experience.

What you will need:
Pencils (HB, 4B, and 6B), Charcoal, Pastels, Erasers

First class:
w/c 9th Jan
Half term:
11th Feb - 19th Feb
Last class:
w/c 20th March



Week 1. sponge and brushwork.
Pathway in the garden: Construct this art work from sky to foreground. Something easy to start with. 

Week 2. Stylized abstraction.
The Harbour: A cubist view of the subject. 

Week 3. Wet on wet/brushwork.
Harbour at sunset: Expressive in tone and expressive brushwork, be free and calculated. 

Week 4. Brushwork.
The old cart: Do all the background first then it all comes together with a fresh approach of drawing with paint.

Week 5. Whiter shade of Pale.
Still life jugs and bottles: Discover the delicate side to watercolour.

Week 6. Ink and Watercolour.

The vegetable field: Draw a rustic countryside.

Week 7. Painting on Coloured paper.

Discover how colour can affect your world.

Week 8. Painting big/wet on wet.

By the lakeside: Lets expression and mood explore a large sheet of paper.

Week 9. Pencil and watercolour.

Food stuff: An observational study to get you see what in front of you.

Week 10 Alla Prima painting.

Painting which is direct and no drawing in pencil.

Spring mist with a rabbits jumping in the fields an Easter topic to end the ten weeks .



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