A ten week course to introduce oil painting to beginners, and those who are interested but don't know where to start with oils.



Tutor: Mark Kelland 
Date & Time: Monday evenings, 6:30pm - 9pm
Venue: Bingham Studio, New Brewery Arts
REF: SC05-17
PRICE: £220.00 (£0.00 VAT)

Suitable for beginners.

What you will need:
All tools and materials provided.

First class:
w/c 9th Jan
Half term:
11th Feb - 19th Feb
Last class:
w/c 20th March



Week 1. Drawing in paint.

Drawing with touch of colour something easy to start the ten weeks.

A flower still life.

Week 2. Expressive Mark making.

Expressive brushwork with a limited colour palette.

Harbour scene.

Week 3. Drawing in paint.

An exercise in the art of seeing.

Jugs,bowls and bottles.

Week 4. Pallette knife and brush.

Explore the world of light .

Light through trees.

Week 5. Broken colour.

Explore the world of colour, by applying one colour next or on top.

Italian street scene.

Week 6. Monochrome.

See through one colour, learning tone and relating it your technique.

Fruit and veg to paint.                                                                          

Week 7. Expressive art work.

Learn through design you can produce a modern vibrant painting.

Flamenco dancer.

Week 8. Drawing in paint.

An exercise in observation, it’s good for the artist to paint what they see not what they think they see.

The wooden chair.

Week 9. Oil pastels and oil paint.

Draw first in pastel the background and then paint the subject.

The moored boat.

Week 10 Painting on canvas.

Lots of unrelated things to draw just chuck in on the table and paint.






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