Opening Hours:

Tues, Thurs, Fri & Sat

As independent small businesses, individual studios may be closed at certain times during the week. To avoid disappointment, please give the maker a call to find out opening times or to make an appointment.




Sarah is a weaver, who works on a traditional floor loom making mainly scarves, from silk, hand dyed in her studio. Since graduating from a textile design course in 1980 Sarah has been weaving almost continually. She says “I still find great pleasure in the making of cloth. It is the basic simplicity that I enjoy – the interlacing of two sets of threads (the warp and weft) to form the soft fluidity of a scarf or the firmness and durability required to produce upholstery fabric.

“The actual weaving is a steady, repetitive process, but I must always be engaged with the fabric, watching for mistakes and checking the design as it grows. Colour is a great inspiration and the way colours interact as they are woven together. I dye the silk myself – it ‘loves’ dye and is a wonderful vehicle for many completely different colour ranges.”

Sarah’s designs are mainly a process of evolution, but she also looks to other cultures and artistic media for inspiration. She is happy to take individual commissions for particular sizes, colour ways, scarves and all manner of interior furnishings.

Sarah is a member of the Gloucestershire Guild of Craftsmen.