Join Max Hale for a day of sketching in situ at Westonbirt. 

Starting inside for an hour or so Max will go through the mechanics of sketching, demonstrating how to proceed with your sketchbook.  During this time, using various references, you will learn how to make a fast impression of you subject using your sketch pad and chosen medium. This will encourage ways of approaching the subject recognising the important areas to get down on paper, valuable especially when subjects could be elusive or fleeting. 

The rest of the day will be spent out sketching in the fantastic surroundings of Westonbirt. There will be reviews at set points and a critique at the end of the day, and Max will be on hand at all points to help. 


Sketching is the capturing of visual, and if desired, other inspiration actually carried out in situ. The process is usually brief, completed sometimes in just a few minutes, using a sketchbook, pencil, pen or even watercolour or marker pens and can be classed as an art in itself. It is used for many as an intermediate stage before for working up to painting and once sketches are made, this progression into paint can be something you decide later or as soon as you are home or in the studio.

If you are already a painter and wish to develop your seeing and recording skills this workshop will help you. It will also assist in building your confidence to draw outside in public and realise the benefits that sketching can bring to your subsequent work. 

If you don't paint but wish to learn to sketch, perhaps as a recreation or to introduce you to drawing, you will benefit from a relaxed day at Westonbirt whilst learning the process of capturing your surroundings on paper.




Tutor: Max Hale
Date & Time: Sat 5th Aug, 10am - 4pm
Venue:  Westonbirt Arboretum
REF: SW99-17
PRICE: £85 (£0.00 VAT) includes entrance fee

Please note you will be meeting at Westonbirt Arboretum 

All abilities welcome including complete beginners

What you will need:

  • 1 Sketchbook at least A5 or 7x5 inches - A4 would be better
  • 2 x Soft pencils, B, 2B or 3B
  • Sharpener or knife to sharpen the pencils
  • Putty rubber 
  • Drawing pen - .04 .05 nib
  • Folding stool or seat for outdoor working if required
  • Hat to shield your eyes from sun
  • Umbrella or light raincoat in case of rain


  • Watercolour paints and any necessary painting equipment (no other mediums please)
  • Marker pens or watercolour pens


Residential option available. Find out about our accommodation, costs and how to book here.


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