A three day workshop focusing on different traditional manuscript skills. 

Friday 15 September – Historical Manuscript Writing

A day devoted to learning a script which is very much a part of our heritage.  The Uncial Script came to Britain with the Romans and stayed after they went home, to be developed by monks in scriptoriums in Northern England and Ireland.  Since then this versatile and comfortable script has undergone changes to bring it into the realms of advertising, film and TV titles as well as beautifully handwritten artworks.   The day will start with basic letterforms and progress to writing text with some colour work and everyone will complete a small project to take away such as a concertina book, short quotation, bookmarks or cards. 

This is suitable for all levels of experience, as the script may be developed from its standard form. All materials will be provided but bring any pens, nibs or ink that you may already have.

Saturday 16 September – Curing, Cutting & Writing with Quills

This workshop introduces historical and modern processes for curing, cutting and writing with the flight feathers from geese, turkeys and/or swans – turning them into wonderfully sensitive quills to create beautiful writing.  We will look at how to troubleshoot any problems and then use the quills for a small personalised project, whether that may be a letter to someone special, a small scroll or a bookmark with a quotation for a gift or to keep. 

All materials will be provided but bring any short texts you may like to write.

Sunday 17th September - Gilded and Decorated Letters

 This workshop will begin by looking at pages in historical manuscript books to see how they are designed - the harmonious relationships between text, ornamentation, proportion and colour.  We will learn how to draw Versal letters which can then be decorated with various styles of embellishment (lots of references supplied).  These will be gilded and painted so that each person will take away a beautifully decorated initial.

All materials will be provided but if you have your own preferred paints or brushes, please bring those, as well as any examples of particular ornamentation you may wish to use.



Tutor: Josie Brown
Date & Time: Fri 15th - Sun 17th Sep, 10am - 4pm,
10:30am - 3:30pm (Sun) 
Venue: Bingham Studio, New Brewery Arts
REF: SW72-17
PRICE: £255.00 (£0.00 VAT)

All abilities welcome

What you will need:
Materials included but please bring any pens, nibs or inks you may already have for day one, any short texts you may like to use on day two and any paints, brushes and any examples of particular ornamentation you may wish to use on day three. 

Residential option available. Find out our accommodation, costs and how to book here.


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