What happens when all the art traditions have been broken?  Where does art go after modernism and how do artists make art when cultural authority has been challenged?

This course will explore the wide and diverse approaches to art in more recent years when we have come to see that there is no longer one dominant style or movement in art. Artists are now working in a pluralistic, multi-cultural, global society in which advances in technology offer endless possibilities.  We shall look at some of the ways in which the universality of modernism was challenged, exploring works by feminist and multicultural artists.  We shall also look at some of the galleries and exhibitions which brought new ideas to the forefront such as the Sensation exhibition of 1997 at The Royal Academy (once the hallowed ground of conservatism) and The Turner Prize at the Tate.  We shall look at art that is made outside the gallery; art that is not intended to be permanent and art that is performed.

The course aims to examine some of the new ways we now have to think about art; we can’t always apply aesthetics to our judgement of art but with a more open-minded approach we can allow artists to speak for and to a wider audience.



Tutor: Fiona James
Date & Time: Thursdays, 11am - 12:30pm, 10 weeks
Venue:  Craft Studio, New Brewery Arts
REF: SC50-19
PRICE: £160 (£0.00 VAT)

All abilities welcome

First Class: Thursday 17th January
No Class: Thursday 22nd February
Last Class: Thursday 28th March

What you will need:
All tools and materials will be provided. 

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