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Bridget Williams



Bridget has been a professional potter and teacher for over 30 years. She holds a further education teaching certificate for adults(FAETC) and a degree in Fine Art. She has taught adults, children and people with special needs in a variety of settings over the years. She learnt her ceramics skills through an informal apprenticeship at North Street Potters in London. Most of her work is thrown on the wheel to make pots for domestic everyday use. She uses the pots as a vehicle for decoration, the surface acting as a canvas to which slips are applied under a transparent glaze. She also creates one-off handbuilt burnished sculptoral vessels and experiments with sawdust firings to create a decorative finish. She works from her studio near Stroud and is a member of the Gloucestershire Guild of Craftsmen and shows her work in a number of galleries including New Brewery Arts