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Paper Cutting

Christine Green

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Daughter of graphic designer parents, niece of a photographer, painter and printmaker, granddaughter of a wedding photographer and painter, my destiny was set very early on by the influences of my forebears; I was going to be arty; speciality unspecified and to be honest that’s how it has been throughout my life.

Back when TV was black and white and children's programmes ran from four until six finishing with the ‘Magic Roundabout’, there was a lot of time to fill, and I drew and stitched, entered art and craft competitions, wrote to the BBC’s ‘Blue Peter’ with suggestions for projects they could make, (I was particularly proud of my finger puppet theatre made from an Easter egg box,) and had a painting included in the gallery on ‘Vision On’.

Now my Paper cutting workshops, patchworking (various and assorted), and creative textiles are brought right up to date with a contemporary spin. ‘Inspiring’, ‘fun’, and ‘wonderful’ are words often used by my students to describe my courses.