During the ten weeks you will discover something new, no one week is the same, learn through fun and relate the technique to the subject, suitable for improvers and artists wishing to find again the world of watercolour. 



Tutor: Mark Kelland 
Date & Time: Thursday mornings, 10am - 1pm
Venue: Bingham Studio, New Brewery Arts
REF: SC17-18
PRICE: £220.00 (£0.00 VAT)

Suitable for those with previous watercolour experience.

What you will need:
Pencils (HB, 4B, and 6B), Charcoal, Pastels, Erasers

Spring Term 2018
Mon 8th January - Fri 23rd March
Half term Mon 12th Feb - Fri 16th Feb



Wk1 Snowdrops. 

Create with expression and colour the season’s iconic flower.

Masking fluid /watercolour and blue ink.

Wk2 Assorted still life .

Paint from life a classic still life composition and learn how important the art of seeing is.

Wet on dry/drawing in pencil.

Wk3 Winter trees in a landscape.

Follow in the footsteps of many artist and paint the classic watercolour composition.

Wet on wet /drawing in pencil.

Wk 4 The farmhouse.

The watercolour favourite discover the reason why.

Wet on dry/drawing.

Wk5 Abstract.

Kandinsky and Klee produced some of the most beautiful painting see how they were made.

Brushwork/ understanding conception.

Wk6 Cirencester.

Draw and splash the colour and create a local scene .

Ink pen and watercolour.

Wk7 Flowers in a vase.

Not as simple as it seems it’s the simplicity and brushwork that makes it stand out.

Wet on wet.

Wk8 Venice.

A pictorial image of the artist favourite place  .

Drawing in pencil/watercolour.

Wk9 Spring in landscape.

Autumn has its colours, winter has the snow, summer the sun, but spring?

Brushwork/wet on wet.

Wk10 Your own landscape or seascape .

Design and paint your favourite place in your own way .




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