Painting abstract is often seen as a difficult or maybe impossible reach for the figurative or 'representative artist' It is the genre that puzzles, frustrates or delights. It is amazing how different you will feel when you let go of the idea that each stroke with a brush must 'look like something'

In this two-day introduction short course I will encourage you to examine your visions and turn your mind inside out to rethink how you approach a painting. Abstract is often seen as an enigmatic way to express your artistic goals. It teaches a much deeper thought process but is full of freedom in its unrestrictive response to that urge to create.

Day one takes you through a semi-abstract stage and sets the scene for day two where you will be more prepared to release the inner artist. Using acrylics we will develop a process that will stay with you as you journey through your artist endeavours and will definitely change your thoughts of art and hopefully inspire you to go further into creating more abstract pieces

A tremendously useful workshop for even those that are even just a little curious about abstract painting in today's art world.



Tutor: Max Hale
Date & Time: Tue 10th - Wed 11th April, 10am - 4pm
Venue:  Bingham Studio, New Brewery Arts
REF: W71-18
PRICE:  £160

What you will need: All Materials included but please feel free to bring your own materials if you wish.

All abilities welcome


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