Karin Celestine



Karin Celestine lives in a small house in Monmouth, Wales. In her garden there is a shed and in that shed there is another world.

The world of Celestine and the Hare is a world where weasels are ruled by King Norty, pandas ride space hoppers, hedgehogs play the banjo, and bears read stories to each other. It is a place that makes people smile and kindness is the order of the day.

Karin taught children about art, about chemistry, numbers, crafts and magic, but she was always drawn back to her shed where she brings to life needle felted creatures full of character and mischief using only wool, observation and the power of imagination. These she sells online and in galleries and also makes short animations of their shenanigans in the shed. Her work includes stationery and a series of books featuring the creatures who dwell in the Shed. Each book celebrates kindness and creativity and contains a sharing of craft skills.

She now puts her teaching skills to running craft and needle felting workshops for adults.