Landscape art is a well-known and much painted genre, but what of using a knife or what is more commonly called a 'palette knife'? Knives produce an interesting, broad spectra of marks to build chunky, paint laden pieces of work with sometimes surprising inferred detail.

Not for the faint hearted one might think, but in fact this method can be liberating and delightful once a few technique pointers are learned. In essence painting in this way is so different to using brushes it could be likened to chalk and cheese.

Landscapes are an excellent grounding for this type of painting and I recommend coming on this one day workshop to try your hand with acrylic paint and knife. If you have used a knife before come and revisit the freedom it affords you and enjoy a truly creative workshop.

What is the plan for the day?

The tutor will do a short demonstration on knife technique, pointing out several areas for special consideration. The first half of the day will be getting used to and practice using the knife. After lunch the artists will be encouraged to paint a full painting, using the techniques gained in the morning.

During the period of work the tutor will pass out general instructions and helpful information including personal feedback.

The artist will learn how to use the painting knife in a confident style to avoid fussy detail and to facilitate a proper practice for improving with the technique.



Tutor: Max Hale
Date & Time: Fri 6th April, 10am - 4pm
Venue:  Bingham Studio, New Brewery Arts
REF: W57-18
PRICE:  £80

What you will need: Artists will need to bring:- Landscape references, photos sketches depicting a landscape.

All abilities welcome


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