During this workshop you will learn how to work with sinamay and use millinery skills to make a beautiful and unique fascinator or hatinator.

hatinator heather ogilive.jpg
fascinator - heather ogilvie.jpg


Tutor: Heather Ogilvie
Date & Time: Tues 23rd Oct, 10am - 4pm
Venue:  Textiles Studio, New Brewery Arts
REF: W-18
PRICE:  £85

What you will need:
*Materials to buy/bring:

- 1m sinamay in your chosen colour costs £8- £10 (eg https://www.thetrimmingcompany.com/product/millinery-materials/sinamay/fs002/

- 1 or 2 sinamay fascinator bases in your chosen colour costs £3 - £4 (eg     https://www.thetrimmingcompany.com/product/millinery-materials/bases/base-sinamay-hb008/

or https://www.thetrimmingcompany.com/product/millinery-materials/bases/hb017-large-base-teardrop-sinamay/

- Thread(s) in exact colour to match your sinamay costs £2 (eg https://www.thetrimmingcompany.com/product/haberdashery/dyes-threads/hb086-gutterman-sew-all-thread/

Other suppliers include - http://parkinfabrics.co.uk - https://www.petershams.com

All abilities welcome


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