Handmade paper is perfect for making your own notebooks, cards or backgrounds for stitch. During the day we will make a variety of different textured and coloured papers.

Beginning with plain white paper, we will add your own materials to create increasingly textured and shaded papers, be prepared to share any excess materials you bring as this way everyone will get a better selection of papers – of course if you have something that is limited and precious you can use it for your own work. We will look at different paper pulps, how to create different shapes and edges to your paper, how pulp might be moulded to give 3 dimensional samples and if you want to take ideas even further we can talk about how to colour your own pulp and how to include a water mark in each sheet.



Tutor: Anne Griffiths
Date & Time: Thurs 25th Oct, 10am - 4pm
Venue:  Bingham Studio, New Brewery Arts
REF: W234-18
PRICE:  £85

What you will need:
Please bring

Shredded Paper, or torn paper into smallish pieces (envelopes, bills, letters – any scrap paper) – photocopy grade is fine or similar. It could be coloured if you want to make coloured paper. Other papers for alternative pulps these could include: Envelopes Brown paper Tissue paper Sugar paper These should have been roughly torn up and soaked overnight in water.


Plenty of large “J” cloths, the kind you get from the supermarket are fine

Old Towel

Plenty of Newspaper

Tray/ Plastic carrier bags to carry wet pages home in

Bits to add to your work Pressed flowers or leaves Potpourri – not too lumpy! Snips of threads Tea bags Mushroom skins, herbs etc

All abilities welcome


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