Workshops take place over a few hours, a day, or sometimes two or three days. A voucher for lunch is included in the cost of full day workshops.

Our workshops are suitable for adults aged 18+ years. Looking for workshops for teenagers? See here.

Our bursary scheme offers individuals the opportunity to attend a course or workshop at a reduced cost.






SIT select works to create opportunities for artists to develop their creative practices. Established in 2005 to focus on textiles and has developed to celebrate all the applied arts/crafts. The annual Festival is called Select Festival




A biennial sculpture exhibition provides a unique opportunity to see a creative mixture of traditional, modern and cutting-edge contemporary work in a stunning outdoor setting. Set in Quenington, Gloucestershire.





Westonbirt, The National Arboretum, is located in Gloucestershire, three miles from the Cotswold market town of Tetbury. A remarkable place for people to enjoy and learn about trees - 15,000 specimens from all over the globe.





Glass with Clay - Peter Garrard
(Sat 3rd June, 10am - 4pm, £80)

Green Man Sculpture - Peter Garrard
(Sat 17th June, 10am - 4pm £80)

Paperclay Sketchbooks - Emily Joy
(Sat 8th July, 10am - 4pm, £80)

Ceramics Summer School - Abi Leach
(Mon 10th - Tues 11th July, 10am - 4pm, £160)

Pottery for All - Jo Sterrick
(Tues 1st - Wed 2nd Aug, 10am - 4pm, £160)

Ceramics Weekend - Abi Leach
(Sat 5th - Sun 6th Aug, 10am - 4pm, £160)

Botanical Wall Plaques - Emily Joy
(Sat 19th Aug, 10am - 4pm, £80)

House Name Plaque - Peter Gerrard
(Sat 16th Sep, 10am - 4pm, £80)




Handbound Travel Journal - Emily Northen
(Sat 3rd June, 10am - 1pm, £45)

Leather Day Bag - Jeremy and Carla Bonner
(Wed 12th -Fri 14th July, 10am - 4pm, £250)

Willow basket in a day - Susan Early
(Thurs 13th July, 10am - 4pm, £90)

Body Art - Tim Gratton
(Sat 15th - Sun 16th July, 10am - 4pm, £160)

Modern Calligraphy - Emma Sunderland
(Thurs 20th July, 10am - 12pm, £35)

Make a Lampshade - Harriet Woodman
(Fri 28th July, 10am - 1pm, £45)

Pewter Jewellery - Mandy Nash
(Sat 29th July, 10am - 4pm, £80)

Origami - Patricia Mitchell
(Fri 14th July, 10am - 12pm, £30)

Make a Shaker Box - Richard Gibson
(Fri 4th - Sat 5th Aug, 10am - 4pm, £180)

Paper Cutting - Christine Green
(Sat 5th Aug, 10am - 4pm, £80)

Willow at Westonbirt - Susan Early
(Tues 8th Aug, 10am - 4pm, £85)

Soft Leather Bag - Joan Gordon
(Fri 11th Aug, 10am - 4pm, £80)

Aromatherapy Candles - Sophia Russell
(Tue 22nd Aug, 10am - 4pm, £85)

Understanding and using Colour in your Home - Ann Hazel
(Sat 2nd Sep, 10am - 4pm, £80)

Willow basket in a day - Susan Early
(Thurs 7th Sep, 10am - 4pm, £80)

Brush Lettering - The Paper Hare
(Sat 9th Sep, 10am - 1pm, £40)

Origami - Patricia Mitchell
(Wed 13th Sep, 10am - 12pm, £30)

Silver Clay Jewellery - Melanie Blake
(Fri 15th Sep, 10am - 4pm, £85)

Traditional Manuscript Skills - Josie Brown
(Fri 15th - Sun 17th Sep, 10am - 4pm, £255)

Entrelac Knitting - Katy Bevan
(Sat 30th Sep, 10am - 4pm, £80)

Aromatherapy Candle - Sophia Russell
(Sat 14th Oct, 10am - 4pm, £85)

Calligraphy - Gaynor Goffe
(Sat 21st - Sun 22nd Oct, 10am - 4pm, £160)




creative writing

Wild Words - Sue Mayfield
(Sat 1st July, 10am - 4pm, £75)

Words for Wellbeing a creative writing summer school - Sue Mayfield
(Wed Aug 2nd - Sat Aug 5th, 10am - 4pm, £300)

Writers in the Brewery
A regular group, last Tuesday of the month



Life Drawing Afternoon Drop in Sessions - Mark Kelland
(Tuesdays from 25th April - 4th July, 1:30 - 4:30, £25)
Pencil and Mark Making - Mark Kelland
(Wed 31st May, 10am - 4pm, £80)

Working with Pastels - Max Hale
(Sat 13th May, 10am - 4pm, £80)

Birds and Cups - Tracey Elphick
(Mon 19th June, 10am - 4pm, £80)

Sketching at FreshAir - Max Hale
(Sat 24th June, 10am - 4pm, £80)

Paint coastal scenes in watercolour or Acrylic - Max Hale
(Sat 8th July, 10am - 4pm, £80)

Mix it up! Collage and Palette Knife Painting with Acrylics and Mixed Media - Annie Monk
(Mon 10th July, 10am - 4pm, £80)

Urban Sketchbook tour of Cirencester - Mark Kelland
(Mon 17th July, 10am - 4pm, £80)

Ink and Watercolour of Cirencester Abbey - Mark Kelland
(Mon 31st July, 10am - 4pm, £80)

Charcoal at Westonbirt - Mark Kelland
(Wed 2nd Aug, 10am - 4pm, £85) 

Sketching at Westonbirt - Max Hale
(Sat 5th Aug, 10am - 4pm, £85)

Towards the Abstract with Acrylics and Mixed Media - Annie Monk
(Mon 7th Aug, 10am - 4pm, £80)

Ink at Westonbirt - Mark Kelland
(Mon 14th Aug, 10am - 4pm, £85) 

Pastels at Westonbirt - Mark Kelland
(Wed 16th Aug, 10am - 4pm, £85) 

Still life in oils - Mark Kelland
(Mon 21st Aug, 10am - 4pm, £80)

Moving Towards Abstraction - Max Hale
(Sat 25th - Sun 26th Aug, 10am - 4pm, £170)

You Can Draw - Max Hale
(Wed 6th Sep, 10am - 4pm, £80)

Harbour Views - Tracey Elphick
(Mon 18th Sep, 10am - 4pm, £80)

Portrait Drawing for Beginners - Alexandra Woods
(Sat 28th Oct, 10am - 4pm, £80)




Origami - Mitchel and Blue
(Fri 14th July, 10am - 12pm, £30)

Paper Cutting - Christine Green
(Sat 5th Aug, 10am - 4pm, £80)

Origami - Mitchel and Blue
(Wed 13th Sep, 10am - 12pm, £30)

Paper Cutting - Christine Green
(Wed 25th Oct, 10am - 4pm, £80)



Photography & digital media

Collage using photoshop - Georgia Velisaris
(Sat 24th - 25th June, 10am - 4pm, £160)




Wood Engraving Printmaking - Peter Brown
(Tues 18th - Wed 19th July, 10am - 4pm, £160)

Lino printing on fabric for beginners - Lizzie Mabley
(Mon 10th July, 10am - 4pm, £80)

Hand Print and Sew a Bag - Clare Walsh
(Thurs 10th Aug, 10am - 4pm, £80)

Printmaking Summer School - Beth Jenkins
(Mon 14th - Wed 16th Aug, 10am - 4pm, £240)

Lino Printing for Beginners - Beth Jenkins
(Sat 23rd Sep, 10am - 4pm, £80)




Stone Carving Masterclass - Ann-margreth Bohl
(Fri 21st - Sun 23rd July, 10am - 4pm, £225)

Letter Carving - Tom Perkins
(Mon 23rd - Wed 25th Oct, 10am - 4pm, £320)

Animal Sculpting for beginners at FreshAir - Martin Adamson
(Sat 17th - Sun 18th June, 10am - 4pm, £160)

Stone Carving at FreshAir - Ann Margreth
(1st - 2nd July, 10am - 4pm, £160)




Wire Armature Needlefelt - Karin Celestine
(Sat 10th June - Sun 11th June, 10am -4pm, £160)

Make a Kimono style dressing gown - Joan Gordon
(Sat 17th June, 10am - 4pm, £80)

Make your own espadrille - Harriet Woolman
(Fri 23rd June, 1:30pm - 4:30pm, £45) 

Paint a Silk Scarf - Carole Waller
(Sun 25th June, 10:30am - 3:30pm, £80)

Macrame - Katie Bevan
(Tues 18th July, 10am - 4pm, £80)

Goldwork and silk embroidery - Deborah Wilding
(Fri 21st - Sat 22nd July, 10am - 4pm, £160)

Make your own Lingerie - Joan Gordon
(Mon 24th July, 10am - 4pm, £80)

Patchwork Baby Play Mat  - Rebecca Lodge
(Sat 29th July, 10am - 4pm, £80)

Hand Print and Sew a Bag - Clare Walsh
(Thurs 10th Aug, 10am - 4pm, £80)

Shibori Felt Scarf - Mandy Nash
(Sat 12th Aug, 10am - 4pm, £80)

Learn to Crochet - Katy Bevan
(Fri 18th Aug, 10am - 4pm, £80)

Transform a Garment in a day - Rebecca Lodge
(Wed 23rd Aug, 10am - 4pm, £80)




Photography for Creatives - Sarah Dixon and Kathrina Child
(Tues 11th July, 9:30am - 12:30pm, £55)

Social Media for creatives  - Sarah Dixon and Kathrina Child
(Tues 11th July, 1:30pm - 4:30pm, £55)


Writers in the Brewery



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Make a break of it and turn your workshop into a UK short break in the heart of the beautiful Cotswolds. You can stay overnight with us in our new guest accommodation – just select ‘residential’ when you book.