A Jewellery Buyer's Journey

Hello, I work in the Craft Shop at New Brewery Arts and it’s my job to look after all our jewellers and their lovely jewellery. We try and go to as many craft fairs and trade shows around the country as is physically possible to source jewellery; we also have new jewellers approaching us directly as they have either visited us, or heard of us via the craft world grapevine and want to be a part of New Brewery Arts.

Silver bangle a.jpg

As a jeweller myself, I am always interested in seeing new work and finding out what inspires people to create and the different techniques they use. Over the years we have shown an eclectic mix of styles. Some of our jewellers, like Guy Royle, have been making for decades and have a following of very devout collectors. Guy bends, cuts, forms and etches his exquisite pieces, creating designs that have echoes of age old adornments. 

Katherine Campbell Legg, who trained at the Royal College of Art in London, uses the ancient Korean gilding technique of Keum Boo. Each piece is carefully thought out before applying a thin layer of 24ct gold foil to the silver using heat and pressure. The finished effect is sophisticated and stunning, and something that I wish I had the patience (and time) to learn and accomplish myself.

Some of our other jewellers are self-taught, having fallen in love with jewellery making in an evening class. This has led to a career change and for some, quite a dramatic one. Diana Lambert was in Financial Services, but now makes beautiful jewellery for a living. She is inspired by the natural world of trees, rocks and rivers, and uses hand forged chain links in sterling silver to create very simple, yet very effective and wearable pieces. Her multi ring pendants and earrings fly off our shelves and we are constantly asking her for more work.

Carol James of Silverfish Designs, is an Archaeologist by trade but after joining an evening class which led to a 2 year OCN course, she now divides her time between the two, creating jewellery that is inspired by her work. Her latest designs draw particularly on Norwegian and Welsh rock art, leading her to experiment with different decorative techniques to create unique organic, textural jewellery.

All our jewellers use a wide array of materials, colours and techniques which, combined with their inspirations and talent, lead to our wonderful selection of creative work. I could go on writing about them all, from Hazel Atkinson and her colourful, fun anodised aluminium range, to Jessica Sherriff and her landscape-inspired contemporary acrylic range, not to mention Guen Palmer's beautifully made classical silver and 18ct gold jewellery. I am proud to be a part of the Craft Shop team and feel we offer a really diverse range of jewellery which suits all tastes, ages and - of course - purse sizes.

We're always interested in seeing new makers; if you'd like us to see your work, contact us here