A Sense of Excitement

Whenever I visit New Brewery Arts – and, as Chair of Trustees, I’m in the building at least on one day most weeks of the year – I always feel a sense of excitement as I enter the building. What will I find that’s new today? What is there to look at in the shop? Is that stone carving or a life drawing class going on? Is the cafe full? Shall I take another look at the exhibition in the gallery?

Max McClure_NBA_GP 1_RGB.jpg

It’s a building that has people at its heart – whether they are taking a class or workshop, browsing in the shop, having lunch or coffee and a cake (mmmm…) in the café or enjoying the latest in our programme of exhibitions. And I really like that there’s always a buzz, an atmosphere of purpose and enjoyment in equal measures, and always a few people just coming through the door, ready to explore what we have to offer.

We always want to get more people through the door, so we can show them just what we are about, what New Brewery Arts is and what we can offer. Situated at the very heart of Cirencester, looking out on to Brewery Court, we are just a few paces from the reinvigorated Market Place, and just off Cricklade Street. It’s a labyrinth of creativity – maker’s studios on two levels (don’t forget to go through the courtyard at the back to discover more), workspaces where people are taking courses every day of the week, as well as the aforementioned café, shop and exhibition gallery.

New Brewery Arts_Max McClure_2_0132.jpg

And, don’t forget the Barrel Store, our newly opened accommodation space for everyone – singles, couples, families and groups. We have given the old Nichol theatre a new lease of life as a 21st century arts hostel, with bijou rooms, beautifully equipped and a communal kitchen and dining area. It’s all built with craft in mind, well worth a look – and, for centrally located accommodation, very competitively priced.

Max McClure_The Barrel Store 44.jpg

That’s what enthuses me so much about New Brewery Arts – there’s always so much going on, so much to see and do, so much to experience. It’s like a craft quarter right at the heart of the town. If you haven’t visited recently, why not take a look – and see if, like me, you get that sense of excitement!

Colin Forbes