Raw Talent

It’s all very well going to an exhibition and admiring what is on show - or maybe thinking ‘my five year old could do better than that’.And it’s fine to be an observer and learner about craft, appreciating the skill and imagination that goes into creating works of art and craft. But it’s quite another to be inspired to think ‘well, i might try that’ 

A Sense of Excitement

A Sense of Excitement

Whenever I visit New Brewery Arts – and, as Chair of Trustees, I’m in the building at least on one day most weeks of the year – I always feel a sense of excitement as I enter the building. What will I find that’s new today? What is there to look at in the shop? Is that stone carving or a life drawing class going on? Is the cafe full? Shall I take another look at the exhibition in the gallery?

It's therapeutic to get your hands dirty!

Crafting is my release, it’s my ‘me’ time, where I focus totally on the task in hand, taking me away from the demands of daily life. We are currently renovating our home and taking craft courses has been a godsend! Being able to focus totally one thing is almost meditative and very much needed in the chaos that home alterations bring.