Currently teaching:

Ann-Margret currently teaches our stone carving ten week courses as well as three day masterclasses

Ann-Margreth Bohl


Ann-Margreth has been a tutor at New Brewery Arts for over seven years.

She enjoys teaching in an informal way, passing on skills and knowledge of stone and the tools needed to work this fascinating material. She believes that every student has a unique way of working and engaging with form through a reductive process, which is a strong element of carving.

Ann-Margreth’s own carvings are born out of researching organic form, giving way to changes that occur along the way. Movement of form plays a key part in the finished piece, as does her knowledge of the behaviour and qualities of stone itself. As she works, she uses both her instinct and formal decisions, and this results in forms with a directed, organic feeling. Ann-Margreth predominantly works with Cotswold limestone, but has recently she has embarked on carving on a larger scale with Carrara marble and Plymouth Blue (an English marble).