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Currently teaching:

Watercolour Courses

Lorraine Green



Lorraine teaches watercolour painting and drawing to groups or on a one-to-one basis. After teaching the basic principles and techniques she encourage students to experiment and discover their own personal style and tastes.

Lorraine originally trained as a graphic designer and illustrator working in the design and print industry for many years before becoming a freelance artist. This allowed her to develop her own work and take on more commissions. Her practice calls upon a broad and varied range of sources with watercolour painting playing an integral role, but drawing and making are also consistent within the body of work she produces. Lorraine recently returned to university and obtained an MA in Fine Art Drawing further developing her interests and expand the diversity of her work.

She combines her fine art practice, which explores her love of drawing, with more commercially driven work which is inspired by the animals and natural world that surround her North Wiltshire home. Lorraine sells this work online and at various shows and fairs and also exhibits regularly in galleries.