Workshops take place over a few hours, a day, or sometimes two or three days. A £5 voucher is included in the cost of full day workshops to spend in our café.

Our workshops are suitable for adults aged 18+ years. Looking for workshops for teenagers? See here.

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Pottery Taster Day - Bridget Williams
(Fri 20th Sept, 10am - 4pm, £85)

Tealight Holder - Libby Ballard
(Sat 5th Oct, 10am - 4pm, £85)



Intro to Leatherwork - Ruth Pullan
(Fri 20th Sept, 10am - 4pm, £95)

Glass Blowing - Colin Hawkins, Loco Glass
(Thurs 3rd Oct, 10am - 1pm, £140)

Paper-cut Lampshades - Tess Wakeling
(Sat 5th Oct, 10am - 4pm, £85)

Glass Blowing - Colin Hawkins, Loco Glass
(Thurs 17th Oct, 10am - 4pm, £140)

Silver Pendant Making - Charlotte Duckworth
(Sat 19th Oct, 10am - 4pm, £115)

Glass Mosaic - Yvette Green
(Sat 19th Oct, 10am - 4pm, £85)

Painted Furniture - Oliver Piepereit
(Tues 29th Oct, 10am - 4pm, £95)

Precious Metal Clay - Amy Surman
(Sat 9th Nov, 10am - 4pm, £100)

Christmas Shaker Boxes - Richard Gibson
(Sat 9th Nov, 10am - 4pm, £90)

Wreath Making - Camilla Williams
(Weds 4th Dec, 12pm - 4pm, £55)

Coil Basketry with Sea Plastic - Nina Brabbins
(Sat 7th Sept, 10am - 4pm, £85)

Personalised Jewellery - Hayley Kruger
(Mon 9th Dec, 10am - 4pm, £90)




The Big Draw: Free Drawing Found Things - Mark Kelland
(Mon 28th Oct, 10am - 4pm, £85)

Watercolour Christmas Cards - Mark Kelland
(Sat 16th Nov, 10am - 4pm, £85)

English Wildlife in Pen and Wash - Max Hale
(Thurs 12th Dec, 10am - 4pm, £85)




Needle Felt a Bobbin Bird - Dinny Pocock
(Sat 21st Sept, 10am - 4pm, £85)

Fabric Recipes - Jayne Emerson
(Sat 28th Sept, 10am - 4pm, £85)

Intro to Freehand Machine Embroidery - Meg Harris
(Sat 5th Oct, 10am - 1pm, £45)

Creative Dressmaking Details - Jayne Emerson
(Sat 12th Oct, 10am - 4pm, £85)

Make a Felt Bag - Mandy Nash
(Sat 26th Oct, 10am - 4pm, £90)

Indian Block Printing - Clare Walsh
(Tues 29th Oct, 10am - 1pm, £45)

Inspirational Textiles Talk - Jayne Emerson
(Fri 1st Nov, 10:30am - 1pm, £25)

Fabric Christmas Decorations - Jayne Emerson
(Fri 22nd Nov, 10am - 4pm, £85)

Christmas Mice Needlefelt - Karin Celestine
(Sat 23rd Nov, 10am - 4pm, £85)

Shaker Christmas Decorations - Sue Green
(Mon 9th Dec, 10am - 4pm, £85)

Winter Pixie Garland - Kathleen Murphy
(Tues 10th Dec, 10am - 4pm, £85)




Paper-cut Lampshades - Tess Wakeling
(Sat 5th Oct, 10am - 4pm, £85)

Modern Calligraphy - Emma Barnes
(Weds 30th Oct, 10am - 12pm, £40)

Modern Calligraphy Cards - Emma Barnes
(Fri 15th Nov, 10am - 12pm, £50)

Christmas Gift Wrapping - Wendy Badlan
(Sat 16th Nov, 10am - 1pm, £40)

Mini Books - Emily Northen
(Sat 16th Nov, 10am - 1pm, £50)

Leather Journal - Emily Northen
(Fri 6th Dec, 10am - 1pm, £50)

Christmas Calligraphy - Josie Brown
(Sat 7th Dec, 10am - 4pm, £85)

Modern Calligraphy Baubles - Emma Barnes
(Fri 13th Dec, 10am - 12pm, £50)

Japanese Pleat Gift Wrapping - Wendy Badlan
(Sat 14th Dec, 10am - 1pm, £40)


Foam Block Printing - Christine Felce
(Sat 12th Oct, 10am - 4pm, £85)

Indian Block Printing - Clare Walsh
(Tues 29th Oct, 10am - 1pm, £45)

Multi Block Lino Print - Beth Jenkins
(Sat 2nd Nov, 10am - 4pm, £85)

Introduction to Letterpress - Suzanne Reed, The Whistle Press
(Sat 2nd Nov, 10am - 4pm, £95)

Christmas Printmaking - Beth Jenkins
(Sat 23rd Nov, 10am - 4pm, £85)

Printed Gifts, Cards & Wrapping - Clare Walsh
(Weds 11th Dec, 10am - 1pm, £45)

Monoprinting - Lizzie Wheeler
(Fri 13th Dec, 10am - 4pm, £85)






Exhibition Talk - Julia Stephenson Curator and Head of Arts
at the National Glass Centre, Sunderland

(Wed 23rd October, 4.45pm)
FREE - donations welcome

Street Photography - Rupert Russell
(Sat 2nd Nov, 10am - 4pm, £85)



Give a workshop as a gift! Our courses make the perfect gift, and gift vouchers are available to buy in our shop and online.


Make a break of it and turn your workshop into a UK short break in the heart of the beautiful Cotswolds. You can stay overnight with us in our new guest accommodation – just select ‘residential’ when you book.